Water Storage

Water storage is important  in Australia. We can help you to select the best water storage solution to meet the needs of you and your landscape.


There are now many options available  to meet water storage demands. Silverleaf Landscaping has installed bladder tanks, Color-bond, plastic, concrete, bore water and underground tanks.

Recently, concrete retaining systems became available, so storing water and retaining soil can go hand in hand. Silverleaf Landscaping can provide the level surface, retaining walls and landscaping solutions to hide any tank. Silverleaf Landscaping understand irrigation needs so we can recommend everything needed for either a new or existing irrigation system. We can also suggest ways of maximising the amount of water you can collect from your site.



We can work with you to determine the best approach for the management of your irrigation needs.

Living in Australia means we must be water-wise. Initial design is an important facet of achieving the right water solution for your plants. New technology in this field will allow you to water your garden all year round guilt free. We also install a variety of other irrigation needs. Our most popular being the drip irrigation system. These can be linked to mains, tanks, dams or bore systems. The water can be filtered and desalinated to make it safe for use on your plants thus allowing you to keep your garden in glorious condition all year round.


Water features

Whether you are looking for a natural lagoon, a pool design, or a formal formal or informal feature we can work with you and create something magical that you will admire for years to come.

img-11-01IMGP0467Nothing adds quite the same touch to a garden as the soothing sound of water. Whether classic or sophisticated or rustic and informal, a water feature will engender a sense of pleasure, drama and elegance, making the statement: “This is one of a kind.”


The sound of water in a garden gives that special soothing ambience. Imagine sitting outside on a warm summer night with the slight sound of water trickling from a bamboo pipe into a water bowl with fish swimming happily around oblivious to the day’s happenings. Large Taro lily leaves swaying in the gentle breeze casting a shadow onto a dimly lit stonewall with the ever so faint sounds of your favorite CD and a glass of red…relaxed yet?