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A Stone water wall

A well built wall should not only have a practical function it should also be one of the features of your garden or landscape.

Stone walling is one of  oldest and most fascinating techniques in landscaping.  It highlights the environment’s natural beauty, adding a fantastic dimension to any landscape. Stone walls have a timeless quality and beauty and they age well with any style of garden. Friends and visitors are often intrigued by  the natural qualities of stone; the color and how it varies when wet and dry, there are  often fossils that add further intrigue and of course the is also the intricate way in which the wall is pieced together.

If stone is not for you there are other materials that can be used to build your wall, both natural and man made.  Among the many types of material available, there is bound to be one that will work for you and your garden.



random blue stone in this Japanese style garden
Random blue stone in a Japanese style garden

Paving provides a hard surface with many uses in a landscape. It gives a hard surface to entertain on, walk on, define a garden edge and for special features. Whether choosing a concrete pavers or natural stone pavers like bluestone or sandstone, they can add that special feature to your landscape. One of our specialties is random/crazy paving. Using natural stone pieces, often with fossils in them, a jigsaw of pieces is placed together to give a sensational effect that adds to the natural beauty of the landscape.

We can assist you with your decision on which product to choose and the correct pattern for your individual situation.